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360 degree camera



In the midst of the filmmaker's determined efforts, characterised by, among other things, above-average working hours and a specific collective way of working, the boundaries between his individual existence and the film sphere are blurred. This immersion leads to a long-term detachment from personal reality and the creation of a parallel life within the film world. In this environment, the need for social interaction is compensated for in a newly created large-scale non-traditional community with intense relationships. Here realities - personal, professional and fictional - are intertwined, as well as the bubbles of individual people, as in the final video, shot with a 360-degree camera, edited to highlight the confusing feeling of being lost in space-time and to show the tangle of the film's 'organism'.
Navigating these entangled worlds becomes a challenge as individuals often struggle with the task of balancing their personal lives, remaining fully present in them, as they discuss in interviews that are recorded and edited alongside the video.
This tangle of microcosms reveals itself as a fascinating exploration of reality shaped in an unconventional way, where specific perceptions of time and space push people into a realm where the divisions between personal and professional life become fluid, offering a unique insight into the complexities of existence.


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