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    Nataša Bošková, currently studying master

of photography and new media department at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia,

with Erasmus experience in Ghent, Belgium at Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK and Conservatory.

     In her actual conceptual work, she's dealing

with the symbiosis of living creatures, their mutual relationship, dependence. The touch, ways of communication and connection of living organisms

and their mutual exchange of energies became important in her work. Exploring photography as a medium, experimenting with other media, sound, or film, to evoke

a feeling or support the idea of communication between living creatures on the earth is her main focus.

     Working as an event photographer, capturing festivals, exhibitions, weddings and shootings of series or movies, marginally also portraits and fashion.

2023  FotoFUTURA, NO Concept gallery, Belgrade,                               Serbia

2023  OFF Festival Academy, group exhibition,                                     Kunsthalle, Bratislava
2023  Galaxia P50, group exhibition, DK Zrkadlový Háj,                         Bratislava

2023  Fotka do rámiku, group exhibition, Bajhart coffee

2022  De Tijd Duurt een Mens Lang, group exhibition

          KASK Gent, Belgium

2022  Núdzový biotop, group exhibition

          Photogether gallery, Zlín, Czech

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