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Becoming Animal

Mix of media - filmphotography, sound, video from 360 camera, termovision



Dealing with the symbiosis of living creatures, their mutual relationship, dependence. Methods of communication and connection between living organisms and their mutual exchange of energy and communication. Different perceptions of reality, rethinking the idea of space-time from a non-human perspective. Through exploring the communication of highly sensitive animals - horses - and documenting hippotherapy using various technological devices, I capture the energy exchanges between animals, and open up ideas about whether visual art or sound can be used to disrupt the hierarchical position of humans vis-à-vis non-human animals. Combining visual recordings made with a thermal imaging camera, a 360-degree camera, with photographic papers, and sound recordings from a stethoscope (heart sounds) and a geophone, inspired by the senses of horses. The touch between two living creatures, namely between man and horse, becomes important, in which an exchange of energies takes place, recorded with a thermal imaging camera and on sensitive photographic paper. It is the sensuality of animals and the ability to communicate non-verbally that helps us to fit in with other animals in nature, as well as with the society of which we are a part. The sensuality with which we perceive each other becomes a strategy in this work. A deep appreciation of intelligence other than our own allows us to enter into reciprocal symbioses that can in turn sustain the world. It is important to recognize that each of the beings encounters the same world that we perceive, just from a different point of view and perspective.

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